Steps to delete Amazon Alexa Voice History

Amazon makes a little  to view mange and delete voice recordings from Alexa Services.But now you can delete your Alexa voice recordings.

  • The best way to deal is through Alexa App i.e Go to setting > General and then History.
  • There your are presented with of complete list of recording, Click particular recording to listen.
  • If you got the recording which you want to delete, press delete voice recording.
  • This step removes/ delete the recording in the Alexa app.

How to delete Complete history:

  • To delete the complete history > go to manage your content and devices on Amazon's website.
  • Select your speaker type and then > manage voice recordings.

Could other individuals get to/erase my Alexa discussions?

  • Anyone with your Amazon password can access your audio through Amazon app. They only e able to delete the conversation instead of hearing or performing any other action. Delete all is the single action present that time.

  • If someone else got your phone or sign in to your Alexa app, it would allow them to view your Alexa history, play and even delete the individual recording. 


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